April 02, 2020

TREVOSE, PA – April 2, 2020 – StoneMor Inc. (NYSE: STON),a leading owner and operator of cemeteries and funeral homes, today announced it has entered into a multi-year Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) with Moon Landscaping (“Moon”) to develop, implement and provide all manner of property management and operational services at most of the funeral homes, cemeteries and other properties owned or managed by StoneMor.

Under the terms of the MSA, Moon will hire all of StoneMor’s grounds and maintenance employees at the serviced locations and will perform all functions currently handled by those employees, including, but not limited to, landscaping, openings and closings, burials, installations, routine maintenance and janitorial services.  The implementation of the MSA will take place on a clustered basis over the next three to four months, with full implementation expected no later than July 31, 2020.

The total value of the contract, which runs through December 31, 2024, is approximately $241 million, based upon an initial annual cost of $49 million and annual increases of 2%.  The first year cost will be prorated based upon exact implementation and roll-out schedule for each location.  As part of the MSA, Moon is leasing StoneMor’s landscaping and maintenance equipment for the duration of the agreement.  StoneMor expects to achieve annual savings of 10-15% compared to current property management costs.

The MSA also includes customary notice provisions for termination by either party.

“After the success of pilot programs launched during the first quarter of 2020 at 57 properties in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, we are excited to launch this program on a larger scale,” said Joe Redling, StoneMor’s President and Chief Executive Officer.  “This is an innovative approach for the industry and we believe it is transformational on many levels:  Our customers will enjoy better maintained locations; our former maintenance employees will benefit from new career opportunities at a large, nationally recognized landscaping company; and the Company will realize significant cost savings while improving professional oversight and accountability for our properties.”

Bill Hutchins, President of Moon Landscaping said, “on behalf of Moon Landscaping, we are excited about the opportunity to partner with StoneMor through this transformational process. We look forward to welcoming StoneMor’s valued and experienced maintenance employees into the Moon family.  The experience and reliability of these employees coupled with Moon’s property management experience will allow us to bring new levels of service and efficiency to StoneMor.”

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